Confronting failure and this blog

21 Jan

I’m not a perfectionist, but I can easily see how time will bring embarrassment when I look back at some of my posts. I thought about deleting a couple, or revising them, but I decided to leave them up to help document the process. It might be sloppy or might be amazing, but I want it to stay public because it will force me to produce better work. Having said this, I feel like down the road I will delete posts that are rather boring or sloppy, but right now I’m accepting that my future self will most likely be annoyed at my level of writing. For me, this is a part of the process, and part of strengthening a skill.

This does not mean I produce complete shit now hoping that my future work will somehow be better (there is effort involved).  It means that I accept my inexperience and accept that growth will result in practice. It’s a leap of faith, and it gets harder as you get older (and more secure/fearful).

This post was prompted by Charlie Hoehn’s  “The 5-month break comes to an end”

“One of the reasons I stopped writing on here was because I revisited my archives.  My beloved readers (that’s you!) have been kind enough to sing this site’s praises, but frankly, I was put off by quite a few of the things I’ve written.  It was kind of like reading an essay that you wrote back in middle school.  A part of you enjoys the naive enthusiasm, another part of you thinks “Christ, this can’t be me… Is it?  Damnit, my name is on this.”

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